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Senior Class!

Book, Melodies & Lyrics by Melvin Tunstall, III, Music by Greg Borowsky, Conceived by Kevin Duda

“When two Broadway-obsessed high school seniors in New York search for the perfect Eliza Doolittle for their brand new musicalized Pygmalion, theatrical elitism and privilege gets flipped on its head by a Harlem born-and-bred subway dancer named Alizé with a few lessons of her own to teach.  Senior Class is The Descendants meets My Fair Lady filled with a hip-hop tinged score of contemporary bops.

Download the one-sheet here

Fetching Water

Music by Michael Hunsaker, Book & Lyrics by Leslie Becker

Jack and Jill love their perfect life fetching water everyday on their perfect hill. But when desperate Dick and Jane stumble upon them, and open Jack and Jill's minds to things beyond their perfect hill, all hell breaks loose and innocence is lost forever. Through the lens of adult versions of iconic childhood characters, this universal story uses a rare combination of humor and heart to remind us who we are and that the road we take doesn’t always give us the journey we expect.

Love & Other Destinations

Music by Brad Ross, Lyrics by Michael Cooper

“Pack your bags and hold the mail and hail a cab,” it’s time to run away to Love & Other Destinations: a fresh, funny, and contemporary collection of intimate musical travelogues that can be performed with just two actors or expanded to accommodate any cast size, with open casting that embraces diversity and inclusion.

From first encounters to final goodbyes, Love & Other Destinations is a map of the human heart, exploring the blush of burgeoning romance, the sting of broken promises, and traveling through those vulnerable, emotional destinations and detours we take along the road to love.

Download the one-sheet here


Written by John Meyer

A thriller with music, Zazou concerns a veteran of the French music hall scene who kills the person translating her memoirs. It’s a wild ride of passion, ego and one of the most vibrant tour-de-force characters to jump off the page in a long time.

A Killer Party: Season 2

More murder, mayhem & meatballs!  Stay tuned for more information on Season 2 of this 2020 digital hit featuring a new cast, a new story and a whole new crime.  Who knew dinner theater could be so dangerous?

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